French court today decides on Ferrari vs FIA

A French court will today produce a verdict on the spat between the FIA and Ferrari. A decision is expected at 1300 BST from the court in Paris, where the FIA is based.

Ferrari lodged an injunction with the court last week over the new rules controversy. The Italian team alleges that its special veto over new regulations was bypassed by the FIA when the budget cap proposals were made public. But the FIA have said that Ferrari effectively made the power of that veto null and void by joining the teams’ organisation, FOTA.

Ferrari objects to the budget cap provision contained in the new rules, and the restrictive technical regulations to be placed on teams not adhering to a nominal cap. Ferrari have said that it would not be Formula One as they know it, and so have promised to withdraw from the sport if the system goes ahead.

The FIA’s position is that budgets must be slashed and that performance penalty must be imposed on those who continue to spend vast sums in the sport. Their trump card is the possibility of new teams entering, enticed by the lower costs and emphasis on innovation.

The FIA is expected to appeal if the courts find Ferrari’s special status was not respected by the governing body.