Briatore sees fundamental changes on the horizon

Flavio Briatore has said that F1 in its current form is unsustainable and that he foresees changes on the horizon.

The ex-Renault boss was critical of the spectacle that F1 currently provides, as well as singling out the new teams for special invective.

“F1 is very confused at the moment, there will surely be some changes. There will be a push to change things, because the way it is now, I don’t see it having a big future,” Briatore told Autosprint magazine.

“The problem is a bit with everything: the lack of spectacle and unpredictability under normal conditions.

“Also the costs: when we were insisting to have three cars per team, the Federation instead opened the doors to teams who had no budget guarantees whatsoever. I think this was a bad decision.

“There are teams in F1 who are one or two seconds faster compared to a GP2 team, and to be one or two seconds faster, they spend a minimum of 60-70 millions, while GP2 spends three. There’s something wrong there.”

“You need to do the cars’ technology with the spectacle in mind, not the other way around.”

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