F1 race steward structure overhauled

According to Autosport, the FIA are looking to overhaul the way that stewards act at Formula One weekends in a bid to deal with incidents more efficiently.

Permanent race steward Tony-Scott Andrews retired at the end of last season after two years in the role and the FIA have used his retirement as a chance to reorganise the structure of the race stewards.

In the past, the permanent steward would operate alongside two race-specific stewards one international and one from the national sporting authority. The FIA have now decided that three stewards would be more appropriate and the officials will now be chosen by Max Mosley s official representative, Alan Donnelly. The chosen stewards will also not be chosen because of the country they represent they will be totally neutral.

It is hoped that the new structure and decision making process will now not only be more efficient, but also be more consistent in rulings and penalties. It is believed that the major factor behind the restructuring drive was the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix where it took race stewards five days to decide whether Lewis Hamilton s driving behind the safety car was dangerous or not.