F1 calendar could feature over 20 races

Bernie Ecclestone has revealed the F1 calendar could expand beyond 20 races.

Originally, the 2012 schedule featured an unprecedented 21 dates, but FIA president Jean Todt insisted the number would ultimately drop to 20 as agreed with the teams.

Indeed, the latest version circulated in the Hungaroring paddock last weekend featured 20 races, with Turkey dropped.

The teams, fearing staff burnout, are keen for the calendar to remain capped at 20 races per season.

But Williams chairman Adam Parr told Reuters this week that the schedule “can increase a little bit” in conjunction with a change to the event format.

“We could have 21 (races),” F1 chief executive Ecclestone, the author of the annual calendar, told the Daily Express.

He suggested the teams will agree to an extra race on the grounds that the one it would need to replace might be Monaco or another favourite.

“If we say we have got to get rid of Monaco, they would say we would rather not,” predicted Ecclestone.

Source: GMM

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