Ecclestone ponders rule changes

Bernie EcclestoneBernie Ecclestone is contemplating shaking up the way in which Formula One rules are made after the dull season opener in Bahrain.

Prior to the race, many had hoped that the new raft of rules brought in for the 2010 season would see a more exciting race, however the Bahrain event failed to live up to expectations with almost no overtaking on track.

Ecclestone is possibly thinking about a radical change to the way the rules are made by taking the responsibility away from scientists and engineers and handing it over to an outside party -however he is not looking to overhaul the new rules quite yet.

“There is no panic, no crisis for F1,” he told The Times newspaper. “I think there is nothing we can do immediately and we should not just knee-jerk into changes.

“I had a meeting with the teams and tried to explaining to them what our business is about – racing and entertaining the public, not playing with computers and going fast over one lap.

“The problem is that you cannot really have teams in any shape or form having a part in the sporting or technical regulations. You cannot have the inmates writing the regulations.”

Several teams have indicated that they would like to see a change in the rules now, for example the introduction of two mandatory pit stops per race. However this is a move that is likely to be rejected by both FIA president Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone, both of whom will probably want to see how the next few races pan out before any more changes are made to the rules.

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