Coulthard calls for mandatory pitstops; criticises previous FIA regime for rule changes

David Coulthard believes that the quality of Formula One racing will only improve if the sport adopts mandatory pitstops and makes tyre compounds more extreme.

Writing in his column for the Daily Telegraph, the thirteen-time Grand Prix also launched an attack against Max Mosley and believes that the former FIA President must shoulder some of the blame for his part in the 2010 regulations.

“I hope Max Mosley, watching from his ivory tower after relinquishing his post as president of Formula One s governing body last autumn, enjoyed the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday,” he said.

“Revs limited to 18,000rpm, the ban on in-race refuelling, standardised gearboxes and engines, a single tyre supplier; all initiatives introduced during his tenure at the FIA, all of which appear to have done little for the show if Bahrain is anything to go on.

“I don’t want to sound too melodramatic as I’m sure that given different conditions – rain at Interlagos, say the race might well have been the classic we all hoped for. But in truth it was processional; a test of reliability rather than racing.”

In addition the Scot also hit out at the teams, who failed to reach an agreement to implement mandatory pitstops during pre-season.

“The teams must take their share of the blame as well.” Coulthard continued, “A mandatory two-stop rule was discussed over the winter but some teams felt their machines would go easier on the tyres than others and would not sign up to it. It was a prime example of engineers being unable to put aside their competitive instincts for the greater good.”

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