Drivers unhappy at Fuji pit-lane

Having driven the pit-lane entry at the Fuji track, Formula 1 drivers are concerned that the current design is dangerous and are calling for changes to be made.

Currently, drivers approach the pit-lane at speeds around the 300 km/h mark. They then drive a quick right-left flick near the barriers before braking for the speed limiter line. Several drivers have voiced their concerns that a small mistake on the pit-lane entry may result in a nasty crash and therefore will be consulting race director Charlie Whiting over the issue to see if something can be done before qualifying tomorrow.

One of the suggestions put forward is to move the speed limiter line forward to the front of the corner so the cars must slow down earlier.

Giancarlo Fisichella explained, “It is a little bit dangerous because when we brake to go into the pit-lane we are around 300 km/h and it is a bit tricky it is not safe. We need to put maybe the speed limited before the corner, but I don t know if we can do something for tomorrow.”

“It is quite narrow and quick into the pits,” Trulli added. “Obviously it is not that easy or sage. Maybe we can change the approach so we go straight into the pits like at Monza but for tomorrow, I don t know what we can do. I don t know if we can even change the line because that will change the whole weekend in terms of strategy. I don t know what is possible.”

“The track is OK,” Barrichello remarked. “The most difficult corner on the circuit is the entry to the pit-lane it is far too dangerous. You can in flat out and have a blind section. My suggestion would be to bring the white line before the pit-lane corner, the kink. That would be my option that s what I am going to suggest at the drivers briefing.”

Not all drivers are unhappy about the pit-lane entry. “I think it is quite exciting,” Kovalainen explained. “It is a nice chicane and if you get it wrong you are going to have a big accident. We will have to be careful.”

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