BMW confirm F1.08 launch date

BMW Sauber have confirmed that they will be launching their 2008 Formula 1 car in mid- January 2008.

The F1.08 is currently in the design phase at their Hinwil base and the team have confirmed they will reveal the new car on 14th and 15th of January, although the location of the launch has yet to be confirmed.

Mario Theissen, motorsport director at BMW, hopes that the car will be faster than the F1.07 and will help them to an gain an advantage over their competitors. “If you do not change the regulations for several years, ever car will be an evolution you won t see any revolutions,” Theissen began.

“Obviously we have something in the pocket that cannot be introduced in the current car, but only in the next design, and that will be realised for next year. I can only hope that it will be a step change over what we have today and that the step will be bigger than our competitors.”

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