Domenicali slams 2009 regulations

Stefano Domenicali believes that future Forumula One rules must be more effective, after slamming this year’s regulations for not producing the same levels of overtaking as promised.

This season saw the introduction of a major revamp to the cars, with the removal of key aerodynamic parts such as winglets.

Although the new regulations have shaken up the grid order and allowed for different winners, on-track battles remain relatively rare, with competitors still struggling to follow other cars.

With this, the Ferrari team principal has said that this year’s technical regulations have failed and that lessons must be learned to make sure future changes to the cars are more effective.

“I think the 2009 regulations were changed in order to have better overtaking, that was the main principle,” Domenicali told the website in a video interview.

“I have to say that if you look at the races, that objective was not really achieved so far. So that means that when there is a change of regulation, before doing something it’s very important we really need to make sure that what we want to achieve in terms of objectives is really achieved.

“The objective that was achieved was the fact that we had a different grid, different cars were more competitive and this is for sure the only thing I can say on the new regulation.”