Damon Hill’s advice and predictions

Damon Hill has predicted his former team Williams will bounce back in 2007 after a terrible 2006. “I think that William are going to be bouncing back because they follow a pattern of boom and bust,” Hill said. “I don’t know what happens – they like to get to the top and then go back to the bottom and start again. They’ve been to the bottom last year and now they’re going to come charging back up the hill.”

Williams finished 8th overall in 2006, with a paltry 11 points. Their last race win came in 2004. This season, they will be powered by new Toyota engines and they are hoping that Rosberg and Wurz will do well.

Damon Hill has also doled out some advice to Jenson Button – leave Honda if you want to win a title. “I don’t believe Honda will be a championship winning team,” Hill stated. “There’s a bit missing with that team.” Honda have had a difficult winter testing period, failing to keep up with the pace of the front runners. Their new Earth car has provoked a lot of debate too, with many fingers pointing to a publicity stunt.

Hill has also stated that the longer Button stays with Honda, the more likely it is that other bosses will think he is going ‘stale’, lessening his chances of being a world champion. “He should ask some series questions about how he gets to a reliable race winning car,” Hill advised.