Costa: 2008 Ferrari will be completely new

Ferrari s technical director Aldo Costa has revealed that Ferrari s 2008 car will be completely new even though there are no radical changes planned. Ferrari are planning to unveil their 2008 challenger in January and are hoping to be as successful in 2008 as they were in 2008 with Raikkonen winning the drivers title, and the team winning the constructors title.

“It will be completely new, even though you can t make radical changes because of the regulations,” Costa explained. “The front of the car will be different as far as the monocoque is concerned, with differently shaped sidepods and the wing will be new too. The electronics will change completely with a new ECU that has forced us to work on the engine and gearbox. This will have to be used for four races in 2008.

“The first tests at Barcelona and Jerez were positive we simulated four races with no problems. There will be new components in the suspension and gearbox, with even quicker shifts.

“Our intention is to start 2008 strongly we will push to the maximum during the winter break in order to show up at the start of the season in good conditions. What happened in 2007 has to be judged based on what our rivals were doing if they improved mid-season, it means they worked better. But we carried on with development by making a lot less errors. However, besides being more consistent, we will need a more reliable car.”