Brundle joins the BBC

Formula One pundit Martin Brundle has confirmed that he will join the BBC’s commentary team next year when Formula One returns to the British broadcaster from ITV.

The ex-Formula One driver turned ITV commentator whose insightful commentary has won him an unprecedented six Royal Television Society awards not to mention the respect of an army of fans told delegates at the 2008 Autocar Awards in London tonight that he would take up the BBC’s offer to join their team, though he admitted that he had considered retirement.

“I’m delighted to be able to tell you that I’ll be joining the BBC next year,” he said on the stage at London’s Horticultural Hall.

“I’ve been commentating on Formula One for the past dozen years, and I briefly considered calling it a day, but in the end I decided to take up the BBC’s offer and I’m now very excited about working for them next year.”

The BBC reclaimed the rights to broadcast Formula One on a five-year contract earlier in the year.

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