Bahrain considers night race

Sakhir circuit bosses are considering the possibility of turning their Grand Prix into a night race.

“It is only natural that we have been gathering information about it, trying to determine it s advantages and disadvantages,” Chief Operating Office Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa explained.

There has been great interest and controversy over night races in recent months, with the first F1 night race being held this season in Singapore. Malaysia is now considering following suit, and it appears that other countries are now also considering the night race possibility too.

A night race in Bahrain makes sense because temperatures would be a lot cooler and spectators would be able to attend the race after work (as Sunday is a normal weekday in the country).

“I have no knowledge of it being proposed for Bahrain but it is a very interest concept,” Shaikh Salman continued. “Right now, it makes most sense more for host countries further east. Here, it is debatable and we would have to go through lengthy discussions with Formula One management before we can seriously consider it.”

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