Alonso to Ferrari?

The rumour doing the rounds in the Monaco paddock this weekend is that Fernando Alonso has signed with Ferrari for 2010.

One wonders if the news didn’t reach Felipe Massa slightly earlier given the Brazilian’s sudden speed around the principality.

The rumour, which appeared on, adds weight to the view that the Spaniard’s return to Renault was always meant as a stop-gap solution before he moved to a world championship contending team.

Renault’s prodigal son has so far had a disappointing year having scored just nine points. Unless the Régie can provide their man with a championship winning machine it is unlikely that they will be able to hold on to a driver of Alonso’s ambition.

There has been no confirmation of the deal as yet. However, should it prove to be the case, it would not be the first time that Scuderia have signed a driver so early. Kimi Raikkonen’s deal with Ferrari, which began in 2007, was first reported as being done as early as October 2005. And Alonso’s 2007 deal with McLaren was announced in December 2005.

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