Alonso Describes ‘Surprise’ Maiden Victory for McLaren

After his comprehensive victory at the Malaysian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso urged his team not to become confused over their pace compared with Ferrari, from which they secured such a surprise result.

“It’s absolutely fantastic, it was a wonderful surprise what we achieved in such a short time. I remember the first test in December, only one day, then launching the car in the middle of January in Valencia. A lot of work has been done inside the team, a lot of work to be ready for the first race, but we never expected to be that competitive. So I think it is something that is difficult to believe but we have to say a big thanks to everybody.”

Alonso also acknowledged his team-mates contribution to his victory, and remarked upon their audacious start in Sepang.

“One of our chances to win the race was to be first into the first corner and thanks to a very good start, thanks to the car I was able to arrive side-by-side with Felipe into the first corner. I was on the inside so I was able to be first and to have my team-mate second makes things easier for sure to open a gap. I think to be honest we still need to work a little bit, especially on the race pace.”

“If Felipe had a good start, better than our start and kept first position, it would be extremely difficult to follow their pace in the race. I think we have not to confuse ourselves from that.”

“We are much, much closer than Australia and we have some developments in the car and some improvements coming, we should be right on them very shortly. It will be a very close fight but I think our team has the potential to do it. I have 100% confidence we can do it.”

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