Hamilton ‘Tricked’ Massa into Off-Track Excursion

Lewis Hamilton has apologised for tricking Felipe Massa into making a mistake at the Malaysian Grand Prix. The young rookie stunned reporters during the post race press conference as he admitted to being behind the Brazilian s off-track excursion at turn four, which allowed Hamilton to regain his second place position, dropping Massa behind Raikkonen and Heidfeld.

Sat next to his team-mate Alonso, the Brit said “that was the most difficult race I’ve ever had. To see two Ferraris behind you, knowing they are quicker than you, it’s very difficult to keep them behind…Felipe had a couple of moves but fortunately I was able to trick him into over-braking. I apologise for that, but at the end of the day we got the points so it doesn’t really matter.”

Perhaps still wet behind the ears or a little dehydrated, this shows that the McLaren machine can t yet control everything the young Brit has to say! Hamilton went on to describe how he only just held onto second position, ahead of the Ferrari of Raikkonen.

“I had Kimi hunting me down for most of the race. It was extremely hot in the cockpit. I ran out of water and I was getting hotter and hotter. It was tricky and I had to keep pushing to the last lap.”