Wirth Research takes responsibility for Virgin fuel glitch

Nick Wirth’s company Wirth Research has taken full responsibility for the fuel tank error that has caused the Virgin Racing team to re-design their chassis.

Technical director Wirth, speaking to Autosport, acknowledged that his concern would pay for the fuel tank to be increased in size, after the team discovered in Australia that the tank might not be of sufficient capacity to allow the cars to finish the race.

“The chassis supplier is us. Nothing to do with engine supplier or fuel supplier. What that means is that we are fixing it for the team. We are not charging the team,” Wirth said.

“It’s our responsibility to provide cars that can finish a grand prix. It’s down to us.”

Wirth also shed light on the rumours that the cars were having trouble with their fuel pick-up, after the team were forced to run heavy during Australia qualifying.

“We are not doing a very good job at the moment, particularly in qualifying, of picking up all the fuel.

“We are at liberty to carry on doing that [using heavy fuel loads]. That doesn’t affect the volume of fuel. But what we are saying is that even if we could pick up every last drop, which we can’t at the moment, we’ve got an issue.”

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