Will Hamilton Defect to Ferrari

Allegedly, Ferrari are trying to get Lewis Hamilton on-board for a cool £17 million. Fiat bosses have told Ferrari that they see Hamilton as the natural successor to retired great Michael Schumacher and they believe the rookie s talent, will to win, personality and work ethic will lead the scarlet team into a new winning era.

Fiat are hoping that all the scandal and confusion at McLaren will play into their hands as they try to lure the sport s latest star to their team. Fiat are hoping that they can tempt Hamilton to their team as soon as possible, with rumours that they are looking to sign him from 2008 onwards.

Ferrari s offer would make him the second highest paid driver in the sport it must be a tempting offer for someone who is currently earning just £250,000 a year at McLaren. Only Kimi Raikkonen is paid more than Hamilton, reportedly pocketing £22 million a year.

As to whom Hamilton would replace if he switched teams, it is unclear. Both Raikkonen and Massa have shown great speed but no consistency, and although both are in the hunt for the drivers title, they are behind both McLaren drivers something which the bosses at Ferrari will not be happy about.

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