Liuzzi looking for a new team?

Toro Rosso driver Tonio Liuzzi is preparing himself for an announcement from the team on Wednesday afternoon with the possibility he will need to look for a driver with another team.

Swiss papers have reported that it is almost certain Sebastien Bourdais will be moving to the Toro Rosso team for the 2008 season, leaving Liuzzi out of a job.

When asked if the rumours were true, Liuzzi replied, “I don t know. Anyway, I knew this possibility and I m negotiating with other teams so it s not a big change for me.”

After rumours that Berger and Tost wanted both of their 2007 out and with the departure of American driver Scott Speed Liuzzi knew that he had fallen from favour. “That s why I decided to look elsewhere and Scott did the same,” he explained. “Now we are at this point. The atmosphere inside the team wasn t the best one because many times the drivers were accused unfairly to hide the problems of the car.”

Liuzzi would not disclose which teams he is in contact with however many suspect Williams. Williams are also believed to be in the hunt for Nelson Piquet Jr as a potential team-mate for Nico Rosberg in 2008.

Meanwhile, Liuzzi is obviously not so impressed with his new team-mate, referring to him as “nothing special.” “Maybe they thought they will put him in the car and he would be half a second faster than me,” he remarked. “Instead, it was quite clear is was the contrary.”

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