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VW considering becoming an F1 engine supplier

VW LogoWith new power regulations due in F1 for 2012, it has emerged that Volkswagen are seriously considering becoming an engine supplier to the sport.

Despite the fact that three manufacturers – Honda, BMW and Toyota – have all left the sport recently, VW believes that the new rules being introduced are paving the way to making F1 more attractive.

VW representative Hans-Joachim Stuck has stated that they would not be interested in partnering an F1 team however they are seriously looking at becoming an engine supplier.

“If you’re the world’s largest manufacturer is natural that we’re thinking about [Formula 1], but not before 2012,” Stuck explained in an interview with Autosport.

“We’re looking for innovative things, and Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport. Two years ago there was some talk that Volkswagen is going to buy the Red Bull F1 team, which we didn’t need to buy.

“Why should we stick with one team if we can give our engines to more teams?

“If you buy Red Bull and Adrian Newey wants to go flying or fishing, the team is not successful any more.

“Look at BMW. They bought this multi-million dollar wind tunnel and a supercomputer and they now close the doors. Building an engine and providing it to a team is the best way.”

“Now it’s amazing; Formula 1 goes the right way. Many manufacturers have pulled out, which I think is a great deal, because we have manufacturers that we don’t know for how long they will do it.

“They should become engine manufacturers and then lease the engine, sell the engine or give it to somebody. Then you lose all the hassle with teams, wind tunnels, engineers, you know.

“It’s like Formula 1 in my days. We had March, we had Lotus, and we had Ford engines. Then Renault came in as engine manufacturer, with a formidable engine. This was perfect.

“I followed Formula 1 for the last seven years with BMW and I always asked myself on the grid, with only 20 cars, what if we could have 30 cars? Now we’re getting back to this.

“We have three more teams next year, 26 cars, and by having a global engine, which is good in cost and reliable, we can have 30 cars on the grid.”

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