UK ‘fraud office’ considering Ecclestone probe

Bernie Ecclestone has refused to comment on reports he may be investigated by the UK’s serious fraud office (SFO). The F1 chief executive testified recently at Gerhard Gribkowsky’s high profile corruption trial and may himself be charged by the Munich prosecutors for paying millions in alleged bribes.

Ecclestone, 81, is also facing a multi-million dollar civil suit brought by a former F1 co-owner, and the Financial Times now reports that he might now be investigated by UK authorities.

“(Attorney general) Dominic Grieve confirmed the SFO’s involvement … saying the SFO was liaising with authorities in Germany to consider the allegations surrounding Mr Ecclestone … and whether there is scope for an investigation”, the report read.

The serious fraud office confirmed: “The SFO is aware of the allegations against Mr Ecclestone and is liaising with the authorities in Germany to ascertain if there is a case in the UK to answer.”

Ecclestone said: “I haven’t got anything to say.”

Asked if he has been contacted by the SFO, he added: “I am sure if they wanted to, they would ask me.”


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