Webber wants DRS use to be limited

Mark Webber has renewed his call for the use of the moveable rear wing ‘DRS’ system to be limited during grand prix weekends. In his latest column for the BBC, the Red Bull driver claimed that the free use of the overtaking aid during practice and qualifying sessions has contributed to several crashes in 2011.

Webber, 35, said he backs the innovation in general because the teams and authorities are trying to make passing “possible but still a real challenge”.

But earlier this season, several drivers expressed concern that the free use of the system in the pre-race sessions had increased the drivers’ workload to a dangerous level. And Australian Webber said some drivers have been “pushing the boundaries” in terms of where they are choosing to deploy DRS, which in the race can only be used in designated areas.

“Renault’s Bruno Senna had a crash in Suzuka, I had one on Friday in Hungary, and one of my teammate Sebastian Vettel’s practice crashes was caused by that, too,” said Webber.

“So the drivers are almost unanimous that they would prefer the use of DRS outside of a race to be limited – to just the DRS zone and perhaps a couple of key straights, plus a restriction on the point at which you deploy it so you’re not too close to the exit of a corner,” he added.