Turkish GP organisers: We did our best

Turkish Grand Prix organisers have responded to the FIA s threat of possible sanctions over the dog incident that marred last weekend s GP2 race. Two stray dogs ran across the track in front of Bruno Senna who did not have enough time to avoid them and unfortunately hit one of the pair, killing it.

The incident prompted the FIA to open an inquiry into the matter and they raised the issue of possible sanctions. However Turkish Grand Prix organisers have said that they have several measures in place to trap the dogs, but it is virtually impossible to eradicate the problem.

“We take very seriously the matter of track safety we took all possible measures to manage the problem and we co-operated with the FIA race director throughout the Grand Prix,” organisers told Reuters.

“We regret the incident involving Bruno Senna’s car and we are far from complacent about it but, with the best will in the world, it isn’t possible to eradicate the problem altogether.

“Unfortunately they are more noticeably prevalent at the circuit during the grand prix week, attracted we think by the various catering units that competitors bring with them.

“As in past years, the circuit operator took as many precautions as possible to police the 2,500,000 sqm circuit and its 8km perimeter with a team of vets on site to catch any dogs and to relocate them.

“But this is of itself a dangerous task because some of these dogs are feared to carry rabies and appropriate precautions need to be taken.”

The dogs have also become more aware of the humane traps left around the circuit and are therefore getting better at evading them.

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