Novak responds to McLaren

McLarenThe McLaren F1 team have revealed that they have received an apology from the head of the Czech Automobile Association, Radovan Novak, after he hinted that the team were involved in bringing Max Mosley s recent sex scandal to the press. McLaren and Ron Dennis have both strenuously denied any involvement in the issue.

McLaren wrote a letter to Novak earlier this month requesting clarification over some comments he had made over the incident, and Novak has now responded stating he never thought the team or Dennis had any involvement in the affair.

A statement from McLaren reads, “McLaren is pleased to be able to confirm that it has been contacted by Mr Radovan Novak to explain the background that led to certain remarks related to McLaren and Mr Ron Dennis being made in an interview that he gave to Radio Impuls in the Czech Republic.

“Mr Novak has asked us to make it clear that he does not believe that either McLaren or Mr. Dennis were involved in the events referred to and that the remarks are not representative of his views.

“Mr Novak has apologised for the misunderstanding and McLaren and Mr Dennis have thanked him for this gracious and swift reaction.”

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