Theissen: No-one will be fired

Mario Theissen, boss of the BMW-Sauber team, has denied that he will fire any of the mechanics involved in the fiasco that was Nick Heidfeld’s pit stop this weekend.

Heidfeld got given the go ahead to leave the pitlane by his lollipop man however his right front wheel nut had yet to be fully tightened. As he drove off, no-one stopped him despite the frantic warnings of a Toyota mechanic who had picked up the stray wheel nut. As Heidfeld came to a stop, just past the end of the pitlane, none of his mechanics came to his aid.

“I waited for half an eternity but no-one came,” Heidfeld said. “So I drove away. This should never happen again.”

Theissen is no doubt looking into the matter; meanwhile, he has publicly stated that none of the team will be fired. “This incident will not have consequences for our personnel other than to practice more intensively. And pay more attention to the nice warnings of our colleagues from Toyota!”

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