Ferrari’s Nigel Stepney Fired

Ferrari have confirmed that Nigel Stepney has been dismissed from his role as head of performance development. Last month, Ferrari announced that they were launching an investigation into Stepney – rumours speculated that it was either due to sabotage or espionage. As yet, Ferrari have yet to confirm what they are investigating.

Stepney hit back accusing the team of ‘dirty tricks‘, however Ferrari spokesperson Luca Colajanni stated that they had ‘proof’ against Stepney. Now, the team have cofirmed that Stepney has left the team.

“I can confirm Nigel Stepney is no longer an employee of Ferrari,” a spokesperson confirmed.

Stepney has been at Ferrari for over ten years and was one of the key men who helped Schumacher win five straight world championship titles. He was promoted to technical manager for both the race and test teams however following the retirement of the great German and the sabbatical of Ross Brawn, things had taken a turn for the worse. The Briton took a position away from the track and has gone on record saying he wasn’t happy with the changes at Ferrari.

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