Dyer: Ferrari understand Kimi better now

Chris Dyer, Kimi Raikkonen’s chief engineer, has said that Raikkonen’s performance inprovement is thanks to improving understanding between the Finnish driver and the team.

“Here, Kimi has been reasonaly comfortable with the car all weekend,” Dyer explained. “I think it is just a constant process of trying to understand him better, trying to understand the car better and get the most our of both of them. I don’t think we’ve made any huge steps forward in any single area – it’s just a little bit of improvement in all areas and we see the results.

“We have had to work a little bit at just improving generally the balance of the car. We’ve had to work a little bit in getting the first lap performance out of the tyres – that’s helped us as well. We’ve had to work a little bit on the starts, which we haven’t been so strong on for a few races.

“It’s just very small improvements in a lot of areas and you see a big improvement in performance.

“To be honest, I don’t think we have ever had any problems with Kimi fitting into the team and the way we have worked with Kimi or the way Kimi has worked with us. It’s not something we had a problem with and we had to improve.

“It takes time to understand him asa driver; for him to understand our car and the way out systems work. I just think it is a part of the natural process of a driver coming to a team and settling into tha team, and the team settling into the driver.”