Spanish Motorsport Chief in Racism Row

Things are getting heated in the run-up to the last race of the season in Brazil where this season s drivers championship winner will be decided. However, mirroring the rest of the season, most of the action is happening off track.

Carlos Garcia, head of motorsport in Spain, has angered many English sports fans by labelling them racist. “It is perfectly normal for a British team and British fans wanting to succeed in Formula 1,” he said. “But it is ironic that the racists in England are having to rely on a coloured driver.”

Gracia, who will be attending the Brazilian Grand Prix as a guest of McLaren, soon realised his mistake and hastily issued an explanation later in the day. “There was no racist element to what I said,” he explained. “What I meant was England has been looking for a Formula 1 idol for years and no matter who he was, they were going to give him all their support.”

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