Senna confident of 2010 F1 seat

Bruno Senna has said that he is over 90% certain he will be in F1 next year. The nephew of the late, great Ayrton narrowly missed out on driving a championship-winning Brawn this season after Brackley opted for the experience of Rubens Barrichello, but the young Brazilian has by no means dropped his interest in the pinnacle of motorsport.

“Pretty high, in the 90s [per cent],” Senna told Autosport about his chances of being in F1 next year. “I’m happy about it. It’s been a very tough year. Sometimes I found myself feeling a bit far away from F1. But we were slowly trying to get back into it.

“Obviously the beginning of the year was very tough because people were only talking about double diffusers and regulations, so it’s been really hard to actually have good contact with the teams, because they have been really having some difficult worries about other things other than drivers.

“But eventually you get in touch, see what the real options were, and we focused on these options and here we are, quite close to getting a deal. It’s looking pretty good actually. We have some good offers on the table, and this is what we needed really. I think Formula 1 is in a tough moment, with many drivers on the market and that doesn’t make it easy for drivers outside of Formula 1 to get it. But luckily with the new teams there are more slots. It’s getting close.”

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