Mosley: Schumacher would beat Hamilton

It is an oft-discussed debate in a straight fight between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher, who would win? Max Mosley has said he would put his money on Schumacher over Hamilton.

Austrian broadcaster ORF asked the FIA president who he thought would win in a hypothetical head-to-head. “Schumacher!” Mosley exclaimed. “If you think about his team-mates, they were almost all very strong and some of them were tremendously strong but he was always the strongest,” Mosley explained.

Mosley also spoke about reducing costs in Formula 1, and how he has his doubts over biofuels.

“If we can succeed in what we intend, and a manufacturer can clearly see that the costs are under control and the research expenditures are reasonable and in a useful direction, then I think we will see new ones.

“I have enormous concerns about biofuel,” he continued. “What we really need to be looking at is better exploiting the source of the energy.”

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