Mosley: Carmakers could quit

Manufacturers might quit Formula 1 – that is the stark warning issued by Max Mosely in an interview with newspaper Welt am Sonntag. His warning comes as he attempted to justify the FIA’s proposals for the future of Formula 1 including controversial ideas such as limiting the rev range on the engines, and allowing turbo-chargers.

Many believe that the 2011 proposals go against the FIA’s drive to cut costs because a lot of money would need to be spent in developing the new engines. The last car manufacturer to pull out of Formula 1 was Ford in 2004. Mosely has insisted that, “we must continue to cut the costs. My experience is that if one manufacturer decides it has become too expensive, another one could also say goodbye very quickly. We have to remember that the people sitting on these companies’ executive boards are not necessarily Formula 1 fans.”

Mosely then admitted that the current regulations, which were introduced to try and save money, haven’t worked as intended. “Only two of them have actually reduced their budgets,” Mosley admitted. “Instead of enjoying the cost savings, they have continued to spend exactly the same sums to develop maybe three or four more horse power – and that’s crazy!”

The FIA are also trying to introduce new technology to the sport which could eventually benefit road cars and they are also trying to make the sport more environmentally friendly. Mosley has denied reports that he is attempting to introduce a ‘standard car’ for all teams, however he has admitted that the chassis rules will probably be changed.

“Do you know how much carbon dioxide is blown into the air when top teams run two wind-tunnels 24 hours a day, day after day?” he asked. “We are talking about thousands of tonnes, and then at the end of the day, the races are boring.

“And cars use 75 litres of fuel to go 100 km are not longer acceptable. If we do not acr, the very existence of Formula 1 will be under threat. We do not live on another planet so we have to face reality.”

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