Night Racing – the latest

Officials in Australia have again denied reports that they are preparing for the Australian Grand Prix to be held at night. Bernie Ecclestone has recently warned that Albert Park should install flood-lighting otherwise they risk losing their F1 contract when it expires in 2010.

The state government has set aside an extra $16.6 million for tourism for 2007-08, however tourism minister Tim Holding has denied that the increase in budget is anything to do with F1. “This has got absolutely nothing to do with a night grand prix,” he said.

Meanwhile, the FIA are contemplating testing night racing in junior formulas before they are held in F1. Max Mosely is believed to want GP2 or the Renault World Series to hold a couple of night races before the transition to F1 is made.

“My suspicion is that we would want to see how it goes with another category before we committed to it for the world championship,” Mosley explained. “We will not sanction night racing if it does not fulfil all of the safety conditions.”

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