Malaysia hopes to become a night event

Malaysian Grand Prix officials are hoping that they will be the second circuit to host a Formula 1 night race.

Singapore has the honour of being the first track to host an F1 night race during the 2008 season. Having collaborated with Singapore officials, Sepang s chairman Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir has said that he also hopes that his race will become a night event from 2009 onwards.

“Our target is to have the race at night next year and the same consultants are doing the lighting system,” Mokhzani explained. “It won’t be the same – our lighting system will probably have to shine from further out, not within the circuit. We are still studying all the factors involved.”

Formula 1 drivers appear to have welcomed the night races with David Coulthard recently saying, “I am completely relaxed about it I am sure the FIA will come up with a set of criteria for how much light there has to be, and we ll just get on with it. It will be spoken about from now right through until we get to Singapore and it will be a good marketing tool for that Grand Prix.

“But we drive through the tunnel at Monaco with lights, and I don’t think you’ve ever heard a driver say that on their qualifying lap the most difficult part was the tunnel with the artificial lighting. A lot will be spoken and in the end it will be just another Grand Prix, but the background will be dark.”

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