Ferrari Theme Park

Abu Dhabi, a Persian Gulf emirate, is planning to build the World’s first Ferrari theme park in an attempt to lure tourists to the country and lessen it’s ecomomy’s dependence on energy. Currently, Abu Dhabi contains 8 percent of total World oil reserves.

The park will be named ‘Ferrari World’ and will be the top feature on Yas Island. Yas Island, a 2,500 hectare space, is having $40 billion spent on it to transform it into a luxury tourist destination. The developer Aldar Properties PJSC, which is owned by Abu Dhabi’s ruling al-Nahyan family, already owns 5 percent of Ferrari SpA.

The theme park is expected to be completed in 2009 and will feature roller coasters, simulator rides, a race track, a theatre and an interative museum. The entire island’s transformation is predicted to be complete in 2014 and will boast a golf course and luxury hotels, as well as top residences.

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