Ferrari: No more tobacco logos

F2008Ferrari have confirmed that their cars will no longer have tobacco advertising on their Formula One cars.

All other teams including McLaren, Renault and Honda removed tobacco advertising from their cars several seasons ago thanks to anti-advertising laws that came into place across much of Europe. Ferrari, however, decided to keep it s association with Philip Morris and in doing so, continued to show tobacco advertising in places such as Monaco and China where such advertising is still allowed.

Bahrain is another country where Ferrari would have been permitted to run tobacco advertising, instead of the red and white barcodes that show in countries where the advertising is banned. However during the race, both F2008s continued to display the barcode, rather than actual logos and lettering.

Talking to Autoweek magazine, Ferrari confirmed that they will no longer be having any form of tobacco advertising on their F1 cars although the barcode logo will remain.

Marlboro s current contract with the team is though to be worth around $1 billion and is due to expire in 2011.

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