Dumbo inspiration for Honda

Honda are trying out a radical new look for their car to try and sort out the handling problems that have plagued them so far. In the first few races of the season, the car has suffered from instabilities under braking and the team believe this is caused by problems with their front wing. In an attempt to cure the problem, ‘elephant ears’ have been added to the top of the nose and painted in the team’s colours.

Earlier in the year, team boss Nick Fry explained that the team felt that most of their problems with the car were down to problems with the front wing, a problem which they first discovered in 2005.

“We have yet to fully identify the root cause of the problem, so to give you a definitive answer is not easy,” he mulled. “But from what I have seen, I don’t think we can say hand on heat that we fullyunderstood the problems we had at the start of the 2005 season when we raised the front wing of the car. Although we improved the situation, I don’t think we even understand now how we did that. And if those kind of issues are coming back to bite us again, it would not surprise us.”

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