Date set for Renault appeal hearing

The FIA has announced that the International Court of Appeal will meet over the 17th to 18th of August to determine the fate of the Renault Formula One team.

The French manufacturer launched an appeal after being suspended for the European Grand Prix by the Hungarian stewards.

The race stewards found Renault guilty of releasing Fernando Alonso’s car from the pitlane, despite knowing that the wheel-nut retaining device was not properly secured during the pit stop procedure.

Once the car returned to the track, Renault was also found guilty of not informing Alonso of the problem or asking the Spaniard to stop, leading to the right-front wheel, of the car, to fall off at turn nine.

The FFSA has submitted the appeal on behalf of Renault.

If the International Court of Appeal rules to uphold the decision then Renault will be suspended from the European Grand Prix in Valencia on the 23rd of August.

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