Daly: Schumacher should have been penalised at Monza

According to the Monza third official and former F1 driver Derek Daly, stewards failed to notice an incident that should have seen Michael Schumacher penalised during the Italian Grand Prix.

Since last weekend’s race, many F1 commentators and figures have suggested Schumacher should have been penalised for his antics during a scrap with Lewis Hamilton.

Irishman Daly, 58, said the stewards were too busy.

“Race director Charlie Whiting asked the stewards to look at an incident between Massa and Trulli at the second chicane,” he is quoted by the Mirror.

“While looking at the slow motion, I missed the Schumacher/Hamilton incident.”

Daly is quoted by The Sun as describing the move, when he finally saw it on television at home, as a “blatant double-block”.

“Schumacher was warned repeatedly and should have been given a drive through penalty,” he said. “We let Charlie down with this one.”


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