Visa woes for F1 drivers & staff ahead of Indian GP

According to the Times of India, Nico Rosberg is one the many people in the F1 world yet to receive a visa which would allow him into India in time for the country’s inaugral F1 race.

Karum Chandhok, whose father Vicky is the head of India’s motor sport clubs, confirmed that people were talking about the problem in Italy. “I just came back from Monza where people have been complaining about how difficult it is to get visas for the trip to India,” the Team Lotus reserve driver commented.

Amid the recent tax and customs issue surrounding F1’s freight, the Indian government admitted this week that it does not regard the Grand Prix – organised by a fully private entity – as an “event of national importance”.

According to the newspaper, it is not just Rosberg who is having visa problems but also “half” of the HRT team. Even the FIA’s head of communications is apparently still waiting for his visa.

“If the government takes three weeks to process a visa application, almost 90 per cent of F1 people, me included, won’t attend the race,” Matteo Bonciani warned.


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