Coulthard – We have to be patient

David Coulthard has said it will take time before Red Bull will be able to compete for places at the top end of the grid. The Scottish driver has failed to finish so far this season, and he isn’t expecting much better at Sakhir this weekend. Red Bull have only existed as a team for 2 years and Coulthard says they need patience as they develop into one of the top end teams.

“Do I think there is an opportunity to move forward,” Coulthard said. “Yes, I do. We don’t have electronic shift at the moment, so all of a suddent when that is introduced, it will help us move forward and suddenly you are getting into a competitive area.

“We just have to be patient – one race doesn’t make a championship. The reality is we are not in a championship battle right now – we are in a battle to progress the team and we have got a significant part of the season to keep working on it. Unfortunately, it is currently like an extension of testing. It’s not the ideal way to go into racing but that is where we are. We have a completely new car and engine.

“If you look at the teams that are winning at the moment, they have had continuity for several years. We haven’t had that and it will take time to build it.”

With only a few days left until the Bahrain Grand Prix, Red Bull have not had the time to make any improvements to the car, and so Coulthard is expecting another mid-table finish for the team.

“We have no updates on the car,” he explained. “So there is no reason to believe that we will be any quicker than we were in the last Grand Prix. At the Bahrain test, we were right in the middle of the grid and that is probably where we will be this weekend. I think Bahrain people are very friendly – we will get a nice reception here. The first corner is a bit ugly but other than that, everything else is reasonable.

“The dust on the track can be pretty bad and with the weather forecast being a bit iffy, it could make it very interesting.”

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