Coulthard: No worries over RB4 design

Despite two spectacular accidents in the first two race weekends of the season, Red Bull driver David Coulthard has said he has faith in the design on the RB4 and has no fears about it s safety.

Coulthard has so far suffered from two suspension issues this season at the opening race of the season in Australia, a minor clash with Felipe Massa saw the suspension break on the car, forcing the Scot to retire. In Malaysia last weekend, he hit a kerb during practice, causing his suspension to shatter.

The incidents worried the sport s governing body and an investigation was launched. Subsequently, the Red Bull team were given the all-clear to race. Coulthard is publicly supportive of the car and team, and has said he is not worried about the design.

“The suspension saw twice the normal loads it would see at the fastest corner,” he explained. “Although it looked fairly spectacular and many were wondering why it fell to pieces, you never see those loads unless you hit something keep things within their design parameters and they will operate normally. Take them outside, and you tend to get catastrophic failures.

“I ve got no confidence problems I think it s a racing driver thing. We are confident, competitive or stupid enough to think it will never happen to us. The Toyota fell to pieces fairly spectacularly after it had it s incident in Melbourne, so carbon does tend to disintegrate.

“Look at Kubica s incident in Canada it was remarkable he emerged without any serious injury. But I remind you his feet were hanging out the front of his car and had he had a secondary impact with the concrete wall, he would probably have broken his ankles.

“I remember Johnny Herbert s accident back at Brands Hatch in 1988. There s a large element of luck in any accident and there is no question that the cars are considerably stronger than they were several years ago.”

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