Button wants aero improvements

HondaJenson Button has said Honda need to sort out their aerodynamic problems after a terrible Australian grand prix over the weekend. Button finished a disappointing 15th after qualifying in 14th, and was lapped by Raikkonen during the race. After the race, he complained that his “car felt rubbish.”

“During the race, the car was so bad that I pitted early,” Button explained. “When the team gave me more front wing like I asked for, at the second stop, it made no difference at all. So there’s a major problem with the front wing and we need to change it. Luckily that’s something I think the team can solve overnight.”

The disappointing start to the season is compounded because Honda started to show strong form towards the tail end of the 2006 season with Button soring more points than anybody else over the final quarter of the season. Many expected Honda to carry the momentum through to the start of the 2007 season.

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