Bridgestone announce compound options

F1 s sole tyre supplier Bridgestone has announced the compounds they will be sending out for the first nine rounds of the Formula One season.

The actual allocation of tyres (super-soft, soft, medium and hard) have remained pretty much the same. The only exception is Bahrain which will be using medium and soft compounds as opposed to 2007 when hard an medium compounds were used.

The super-soft tyres which will featured at the Monaco and Canadian Grands Prix have a slightly different compound to the one used last season. The remaining three compounds remain the same.

“Tyre allocation choice for the first half of the season has been made easier by the continuity of our tyres from last year,” Hirohide Hamashima explained. “We have made a minor evolutionary change to the construction of the dry tyres for safety and we have modified the super soft compound, but apart from that the tyres are the same.

“However, we should see faster lap times as teams and drivers now have a year’s experience with these tyres and the cars are being developed all the time. For Bahrain, having looked at the data we accumulated last year, and data from the recent test there, we are confident about using softer tyres.

“In the second half of the season we will have more of a challenge with tyre allocation as we visit two new street courses at Valencia and Singapore. These will be announced at a later date.”

Tyre options for the 2008 F1 season:

	       Super Soft     Soft     Medium     Hard
Australia                      X          X
Malaysia                                  X         X
Bahrain                        X          X
Spain                                     X         X
Turkey                                    X         X
Monaco             X           X
Canada             X           X
France                         X          X
Britain                                   X         X

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