Brawn unimpressed by ITV coverage

Ross Brawn, one of the most highly respected men in Formula 1, has spoken out about the motorsport’s coverage in the UK, stating that he is unimpressed by the coverage by ITV.

“It’s definitely a new experience for me to watch it with a different perspective and also the quality of commentators on British TV,” Brawn explained. “It’s very frustrating to watch Formula 1 on British TV. We’re used to having all the data and all the split times and we can see the race developing. What’s clear when you watch on TV is you don’t get that information.

“Our commentators don’t seem very good at conveying what’s going on. It’s very frustrating to watch a race and not have that information which is available to everyone at the track.”

ITV’s coverage is regularly criticised by many, with commentator James Allen bearing the brunt of the complaints. Popular spoof motoring website setup a campaign against the commentator 2 seasons ago entitled “Stop the Cock”. T-shirts are now a common sight at race weekends, with Allen’s fellow commentator Martin Brundle famously once sporting one of the shirts.

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