Berger’s thoughts

Gerhard Berger, historically one of the regular critics of Alex Wurz, has wished the driver all the best on his return to the Formula One grid. The Toro Rosso boss was doubtful that his fellow countryman Wurz would ever return to racing in F1 after a disappointing season in 2000 for Benetton.

“I have changed my mind,” Berger stated. “Only because of his talent he has come back after this long, and with the Williams team, who are no fools. Now it isup to Alexander to make the best of this chance.”

Wurz entered Formula 1 in 1997 after replacing Berger at Benetton when Berger became ill. After 2000, he spent the next six years as a test driver until this season, when he has been promoted to race driver with Williams.

Meanwhile, Berger has also denied rumours he is looking to sell Toro Rosso, potentially to Michael Schumacher. “I know nothing about it!” Berger exclaimed. “Nobody has spoken with me about it. But you shoudl also ask Didi [the team co-owner]”.

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