Button: F1 won’t miss Michael

Honda driver Jenson Button has claimed that Formula 1 will not miss Michael Schumacher. Whilst Button acknowledges Schumacher’s achievements and prescence, he is confident that there is enough young talent in the field that it will compensate for the loss of the great driver.

“I do not think we will really miss him, I do not think you really miss a Formula One driver,” Button claimed. “We are never going to miss him because we are still going to get questions all season about him – would he have won the championship if he was here, and what would Michael have said in this situation?

“But, in a way, it is sad because Michael has achieved so much in the sport – more than any other driver in Formula One – so it was nice having him on the grid. But there are so many talented drivers in Formula 1 and I do not thinkg that Michael moving away from the sport is giving the other people more of a chance.

“I do not think that is the issue because Michael did not win the championship in the last two years – Fernando did and he is still racing in F1. There are so many talented drivers so, for me, F1 is on the up and there are some very exciting years ahead of us.”

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