Alonso: the title fight will narrow

Fernando Alonso believes that the current four-way battle for the drivers championship will not continue for the whole season, and that it will eventually come down to a battle  between just two or three of them. “At the end of the world championship, there will probably only be two or three drivers fighting for the title,” Alonso explained.

Currently, Raikkonen, Alonso and Hamilton are tied at the top of the leaderboard with 22 points. Felipe Massa isn’t far behing on 17, with Nick Heidfeld on 15 points.

Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, Alonso has said that he will not take the McLaren and Ferrari dominance for granted, particularly in light of the fact he was overtaken by Heidfeld on-track in Bahrain.

“So far, there is a small gap between the two top teams and BMW, but there may be no gap on some track. Nick witll surely fight for top positions, as in Bahrain. We will see some races in which not only McLaren-Mercedes and Ferrari, but also Nick, will fight for a podium place, and possibly even victory.”

Alonso is also still hopeful that he will make it three in a row. “Winning the world title three time would definitely be a crowning moment in my career,” he continued. “Big names in F1 have three world titles – Ayrton Senna and Niki Lauda for example. Winning the world championship three times is something I would have never expected.

“If I win three titles, I will attempt a fourth. It would not be the same pressure – rather, driving for fun.”

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