A storm brewing between Coulthard and Massa?

A storm may be brewing between Ferrari s Felipe Massa and Red Bull s David Coutlhard. The pair tangled on lap 26 forcing Coulthard to retire from the race.

Coulthard made his feelings very clear after the incident, blaming Massa and demanding an apology from the Brazilian. Live on ITV Coulthard said that Massa should take full responsibility for the accident and, “If he doesn t, then I m going to kick three colours of s*** out of the little bastard.”

However Massa is not intending to apologise for the incident. “If he wants me to apologise then he should just go and watch the television instead,” Massa exclaimed. “I was on the inside I did nothing wrong!”

Ferrari boss Stefano Domencali did not want to get in the middle of the war of words, however he did point out that race control did not take any action against either driver, implying that it was just a racing incident with neither driver fully to blame.

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