Zetsche not happy but with staying power for F1

Mercedes chairman Dieter Zetsche is not happy with the German marque’s works F1 team, he admitted on Saturday.

Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg enjoyed top engine horsepower and straightline speed at Monza on Saturday, but still could line up on the Monza grid just eighth and ninth.

It summed up a second season of unsatisfactory performance by the Brackley based team since the Brawn GP takeover, Zetsche suggested to Automotive News Europe.

“Things are not going satisfactorily for the second season with the new team,” said the Daimler chief. “The hoped-for improvements have not been realised. But you can’t force it.”

Mercedes GP is now fully focused on its 2012 car, and Zetsche said the target is to win rather than simply to benefit from “a presence” on the F1 grid.

“Formula one has a huge presence, especially in all the important growth markets. It’s clear that a presence alone doesn’t go far enough but has to be demonstrated positively, with cars capable of winning.

“We have staying power,” he concluded.

Source: GMM