Wurz confirms he has no interest in racing again

Alex Wurz made an unexpected comeback to Formula 1 earlier this month, taking up a testing role within the Honda team. Having retired from the William s team and Formula 1 after last year s Chinese Grand Prix, at the time Wurz said “In such a hard fought environment as Formula One, I have always maintained that if you have a moment s doubt about what you are doing, then it is time to stop,” leading many to believe that he would pursue other interests, perhaps in other motor sport leagues.

However, earlier this month, Wurz made the surprise announcement that he had become test driver for the Honda team. On his official website Wurz claims that he is not back-tracking.

“I retired from active Formula One racing but have always said that I love testing and development work,” Wurz wrote. “I was not sure if I had the energy to complete a full season as race driver. You must know that the thing we drivers love, which is of course driving these cars and pushing them to the limits, is about 10 percent of what we really do.

“And of course I still love the driving. With the opportunity at Honda a perfect situation has come up to test in a team which has now collected such good people. And being part of the Honda Racing family is exactly what I was looking for.

“On this matter I will be able to speak more about after the team has done an official announcement,” he said. “But I am certain I will be at the famous race at the Sarthe, a race which has fascinated me ever since the start of my career.”

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